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Design & Construction Films

Aerial Photo & Videography


My primary services include:

1. Project Progress Videos

Document progress on your construction venture by telling the unique story of how the property gained its character. Show the full development cycle of each project, highlighting each major phase from breaking new ground to project completion.

2. Completion Videos

Showcase your completed projects from all angles. These illustrative videos are excellent marketing tools to show your property at its finest while evoking positive emotion from viewers. Your footage will include aerial shots of the property itself as well as surrounding areas.

3. Interview Projects

Craft compelling stories with team member interviews and client testimonials. My knack for making people feel at ease in front of the camera will ensure your confidence shines through as well as your message. You will also be able to offer useful training and safety videos, and much more.

I am also open to new opportunities. I love a challenge.

Let’s discuss how to tell the story of your next project.

Contact me at 323.351.0582 or email me at

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