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Stories surround us everywhere. They are in words, pictures, songs, and even status updates.

As a filmmaker, I see them also in light and movement. I see them in angles and fades. They are told from a birds eye and as a fly on the wall.

Your clients see them in your properties, too. They see stories of the properties' beginnings. They feel what has happened already within those walls. They imagine the future narratives they will write within them as well.
Storytelling in a video can be a little like magic. My goal as a videographer is to help you tell the tale of the property, the space, and the light, all of which will serve as a backdrop to your clients’ story making.

I would love to tell the story of your space.

Contact me at 323.351.0582 or email me at juntang@magiclightmedia.com.

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