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Unbeatable Videography Expertise

My passion for videography has taken me down an incredible journey where everyday is an adventure. My career dates back XX years when I began shooting video for friends involved in the interior-design and real estate industries. What I learned during that time would set the foundation for my career.

100% Client-Oriented

After developing the skills necessary to create engaging videos, I began to fall in love with my work. I relish the collaboration with other artists and design professionals to capture the technical and aesthetic aspects of a space. At the end of a project, clients would always describe me as being tremendously professional and focused on the details, all while maintaining a laidback and fun approach. Through these experiences, I have learned to always give the client what they want. In my line of work, that is always incredibly high production value, creative editing, and detail-oriented shooting. Sound familiar?

Educating and Entertaining

Before every shoot, I walk the property with my clients and lay out the plan. As I tour your property, I will be brainstorming ideas on how to liven your video in order to educate as well as entertain. My job is to tell a story that will resonate with your viewers.

Always Learning, Always Evolving

As a life-long learner, I appreciate a challenge and the opportunity to acquire new skills. For this reason, I am also a fully licensed, certified, and insured drone pilot. Being able to provide my clients with something unique and innovative is my specialty. I love to explore new opportunities and expand my offerings.

High Quality Guaranteed

I have worked with architects, engineers, contractors, real estate professionals, interior designers, and more. My clients appreciate that I provide a unique service that other videographers can’t provide. As a true filmmaker at heart, I use my skills to capture what the naked eye can’t see. If you are looking to evoke emotion in your intended audience then I would love to hear from you today!

Here's what my clients say about me:

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